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Power Wishing®

Your life is yours to design. Expand your awareness of what's possible and learn how to manifest what you wish for. Learn how to anchor your core values as the foundation of your life, no matter what is happening around you. Make your desires a wish granted.  This workshop will support you to:    – Visualize the life you wish for and use your imagination as a tool to create your reality  – Create habits of gratitude and appreciation to attract more of what you want – Identify and shift beliefs that no longer serve you – Use your emotions as your greatest asset – Release the need for external validation  – Easily be your authentic Self

Language your Life® Series 

Language transforms the energy of your thoughts and desires into your physical reality. Learn how to use the energetic vibration of language to consistently create positive outcomes.  Each workshop will support you to:  – Use language to elevate your vibration – Deepen your insight of empowering vs. disempowering language – Use “Power Words” to manifest consistent results – Learn how to respond vs. react​ Available workshops:  – Communicating as a Conscious Parent – Creating Your Life Blueprint – Finding and Keeping Love  – Embodying Your Best Qualities as a Lifestyle – Building Authentic Success – Creating Financial Abundance  – Supporting and Rewarding Learning Differences

Customized Workshops

Anne Louise curates customized workshops to meet families, organizations, and other groups' specific needs.


Personal coaching services in the field of personal empowerment, crisis skills, stress management, self mastery and improvement and personal and financial relationships

Visible You®

You are your own expert. We are trained to evaluate our lives based on others’ perceptions, beliefs, and judgments. Learn how to access your authentic self to empower who you truly are and be free.  This Workshop will support you to:    – Connect with your authentic self  – Be your own person and an independent thinker   – Speak and act from a place of personal integrity  – Manifest what you imagine  – Step into your purpose

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