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About Anne Louise

Anne Louise Carricarte is a visionary entrepreneur, author, speaker, executive advisor, and positive psychology and meditation expert. For more than 35 years, she has provided thousands of people with the tools to transform their lives through interactive workshops, lectures, and individualized sessions grounded in positive psychology and spiritual practices. She has also worked with over 100 businesses to achieve value-creating results through in-depth team building, negotiation training, and other executive consulting services.


Anne Louise’s remarkable talents have led acclaimed community leaders and business executives to warmly refer to her as a soul catalyst, creating positive unity to enhance the well-being of all. Using her layered understanding of spirituality, metaphysics, and the psychology of human behavior and relationships, Anne Louise empowers her clients to navigate complex challenges by accessing their inner knowing, enabling them to create soul-empowered lifestyles. Her books, Power Wishing™ and Visible You, equip readers with a blueprint to heal and live authentically.


With over three decades of experience in domestic and international marketing, sales, and management, including as CEO of a global insurance company, Anne Louise understands the importance of cultivating and supporting individual emotions, beliefs, and experiences to create high-functioning and profitable teams. She uses a multi-disciplinary approach to empower executives, management teams, and individuals to unify around a shared vision and use their imagination as a powerful tool for attracting success by transforming ideas into consistent results.


Anne Louise is a graduate of The Natale Institute in Humanistic Psychology and the Ohashi Institute, and is a certified Master Hypnotherapist. She has served on the Boards of several companies and philanthropies, and is currently a member of the Board of Directors of Tecnoglass.


Anne Louise is the proud mother of two amazing souls, Sophia and Andrew, and lives in Miami, FL where she has been actively involved in local community development initiatives for several decades.

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