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Visible You Digital

Anne Louise “Missy” Carricarte and daughter, Sophia Kardonski present Visible You, an empowering new book inspired from witnessing a world where people are more concerned with how they are visible to others rather than being a reflection of their true self, or Inner World.


Visible You is the first of its kind, sharing effective tools and results-driven techniques written from two generational perspectives with various challenges. The book is a practical guide for those who wish to live their lives consciously and passionately, inviting all ages; parents, teenagers and young adults alike, to show up and live their truth.


Visible You is an unwavering, inspiring companion that has been put to the test through lived experiences, providing readers with the support to trust themselves and feel grounded while doing so.


Visible You is a resource to learn how one can find calmness with the things they cannot control and solutions for what they can. Anne Louise and Sophia have created various programs, many of which are featured in Miami-Dade Public Schools where they have had the opportunity to work with the teachers and students, bringing awareness to today’s issues in a way that is proactive, approachable and relatable. 

Visible You Digital

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