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Power Wishing Digital

Power Wishing™ formulas awaken your best emotional self to support your wellbeing as you confidently master your emotions. Through these effective formulas you design a life that is happening FOR you, not TO you. Our Visualization Technology™ will empower you to effectively use your emotional intelligence to identify your feelings and choose how you wish to activate them in your life. The partnership of your emotions, heart, mind and Soul with your senses, will systematically work in synergy to manifest your wishes. This synergy is called your Vibrational Language™ that gives direction for Source Energy to co-create with you. You will observe your authentic Self joyfully take full accountability for creating your world. Power Wishing™ is a discovery of greater places of peace within as you eliminate self created chaos and unnecessary drama. As you deepen your skill of these techniques, you will recognize the cause of a situation to create a different outcome. Using the proficiency of these formulas, your life flows with the unknown as an adventure, your imagination and beliefs become your strength, and positive emotions are your guide to fulfilling your Soul. Power Wishing™ will reinforce the total certainty of your spiritual connection to the love and Light that surrounds you, creating enhanced peace with all that you are.

“Anne Louise is a very intuitive teacher who is able to communicate in a way that resonates so clearly for each person on a different level, awakening their Soul. After learning Power Wishing™ techniques, I have tools to be present and stay awake. My emotions support me, creating a life that is happy. I am living experiences that are no longer challenges.” – Jamie

“Power Wishing™ has been an invaluable tool in my life because it allowed me to become a happier version of me. I have awareness of the things I want to shift in my life and take emotional steps, instead of staying in my head.” – Alina

“Power Wishing™ is an extremely important book of tools and strategies to enhance your life in a positive and healthy way. It has helped me tremendously on an ongoing basis in every area of my life. As if I woke up to more possibilities that are realized and more joy in areas that I wished to enhance.”– Meagan

“Power Wishing™ gave me the emotional base when I sold my house. I went through the steps Anne Louise describes and I sold my house just like that. I recommend Power Wishing to others because these tools are life skills and go beyond regular techniques of visualizing what you want in your life. It is a system that is now my lifestyle.” – Dan

“The most useful tool I have received from Power Wishing™ is to be able to organize my feelings and thoughts so I know the direction of where I am going and I am in control of what I am creating. I began to use Anne Louise’s Stage Your Day Technique and I quickly realized how my imagination creates my experiences and I design here first. Anne Louise is a special gift to the world.” – Joyce

“Anne Louise’s techniques are truly encapsulated in Power Wishing™. Her work has a profound transformative effect on my life. It has helped me visualize and manifest realities so quickly and with such ease. Her work is full of Light and Love. This book will influence immense positive change on any reader.”

– Isa

“Anne Louise’s Power Wishing™ has changed my life for the better. I was not sure how to get my dreams out of my head and actualize them. With these tools I was surprised how easy it was. Everyone deserves this gift of her work, she is full of insight and knowing.”– Ingrid

Power Wishing Digital

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